6:24pm PT
Thursday, 4/24
6:00pm - 7:00pm PT
6pm The Everyday Psychic Show
6:00pm PT
Hosted by Michelle DesPres.
Exploring How Intuitive Living Creates a New Sustainable American Dream. Higher thinking and intuitive living are the answers to our social and philosophical life issues. Join author and clairvoyant medium Michelle DesPres on the Everyday Psychic Show and explore karma, current events, healing, empowerment and the potentials we have at our fingertips today for creating a new sustainable American dream. o Featuring dialogues, interviews, discussions and listener perspectives. o Discussing cycles and patterns of time, synchronicity and finding our path, what it means to achieve sustainable health and healing, and of course, covering all of today's current events from a higher perspective. o Discovering tips and tools for enhancing psychic awareness, healing and clearing your emotions, mind, body and spirit and participate in interactive conscious intention setting exercises for healing the world. Drop in for a taste of information, wonder and upliftment and together we'll savor the everyday psychic perspective. Fun - Provocative - Insightful

Thursday, 4/24
7:00pm - 8:00pm PT
7pm The Kristina Lafrance Show- featuring Sandra Simms
7:00pm PT
Hosted by Kristina Lafrance- featuring Sandra Simms.
Psychic medium and spiritual teacher Kristina Lafrance delivers you her words of wisdom each week as she takes your calls and answers your most important and pressing questions. Empowering, enlightening, and educational, "The Kristina Lafrance Show" is a live show that will lift you to your highest levels of consciousness, while giving you the tools needed to create your greatest life. Her sidekick and Meditation Director, Sandra Simms, is a healer a writer and intuitive life coach, who adds passion, humor, and healing to this magical hour.

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