Sunday, 05/29
11:00 AM PT
Encore Pathways to Consciousness & Healing
Hosted by Jim Komar.
The show is hosted by Jim Komar who is a psychic advisor at 12listen and a master energy therapist focusing on healing at all levels. The show will explore different subjects and realities from the ordinary to the unusual. A variety of topics will be discussed ranging from health wellness and healing, relationships, energy, love, past lives, knowledge of the ancients, chakras, money, God, mediation and much more.

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  • Anita Ahuja
  • C. A. Brooks
  • Dana & Melisa
  • Eldon Taylor
  • Elizabeth
  • Erica
  • Erin & Grace
  • Jamie Dawn
  • Jim Komar
  • Julie
  • Kathleen Peterson
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  • Kelly McClain
  • Kristi B News
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  • Kristina Lafrance
  • Mark Husson
  • Mo
  • MolĂ© Mama
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  • Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes