Sunday, 05/01
08:00 AM PT
Encore Just Julie
Hosted by Julie.

Come join Julie and her angels for a special journey into the magical world of Angel Tarot. Julie will take your calls and answer your questions via chat or phone, using her very special Angel Tarot decks. Whatever your focus may be, love, career, finance or relationships, Julie will work with your spirit guides and angels to help guide you on the the right path. Julie will communicate what your spirit and angel guides want you to know, so you can make the best decisions for your future. Julie and her angels will help you create a life better than you could possibly imagine!

Sunday, 05/01
09:00 AM PT
Kathleen Peterson & Friends
Hosted by Kathleen Peterson.
'Kathleen Peterson & Friends' is hosted by Kathleen Peterson. Kathleen will be channeling messages from the Angels & Other Light Beings as well as talking with friends from the physical realm. Call into the show and get a personalized channeled reading.

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