Thursday, 07/28
11:00 AM PT
Psychic Sisters
Hosted by The Psychic Sisters.
'The Psychic Sisters' is a fun and engaging show starring 4 talented sisters. We discuss the current energy, current events and share some of our own magical experiences. We are excited to visit with callers and chatters. Our goal has always been to make the world a better place by spreading love.

Thursday, 07/28
12:00 PM PT
Open Heart with Raya
Hosted by Raya.
Join Raya each week to explore Love in action. It is said that at the base of everything in life there is either Love or Fear, so let's choose Love! We will be talking about how to find Love daily, for ourselves, and for others, even in the most unlikely of places and times. We will explore Love from both a higher viewpoint and also very up close and personal, and try out some practical application too.

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Hosts this week

  • Ade Anifowose
  • Anita Ahuja
  • C. A. Brooks
  • Dana & Melisa
  • Eldon Taylor
  • Elizabeth
  • Erica
  • Erin & Grace
  • James Ray
  • Jamie Dawn
  • Jim Komar
  • Kai Greenway
  • Kathleen Peterson
  • Katie Weaver
  • Kelly
  • Kelly McClain
  • Kristi Brower
  • Kristina Lafrance
  • Lacey Dawn Jackson
  • Mark Husson
  • Mo
  • MolĂ© Mama
  • Monique Ruffin
  • Nadia M Rose
  • Peggee
  • Psychic Katt
  • Raya
  • The Psychic Sisters
  • Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes