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Psychic Katt (Host)

Hi, my name is Katt, I am a clairvoyant at 12Listen. For 25 years, I have been blessed with a knowing of all things hidden, and I passionately share what I've learned with others. With an incorporation of astrology and tarot, it is my gift of "seeing" and "hearing" that I trust the most. I am honored to have been chosen to be on this path, and through my own personal experiences, as well as the lives I've touched, each day brings an invigorating and exciting new teaching or lesson. I am a medical intuitive, and I can scan your body... even through the radio waves, for defects and symptoms, as well as provide a solid foundation for others to share their amazing gifts! Training since the age of 11, I believe that everyone has a mystical gift, that past and future lives are very real, and miracles do exist at any moment.(I have proof!) I have an ability to initiate others through a process of manifestation, and assist people in reaching their most far reaching goals. I am excited to bring my first live radio show ever, Katt On A Mission, to people all over the world.... Charity and love is very much a part of why I believe I was brought to this earth, and I look forward to this journey together.
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