9:06am PT
Thursday, 4/17
9:00am - 10:00am PT
9am Susan Dintino Live
9:00am PT
Hosted by Susan.
Florida? New York? Where IS Susan Dintino? Wherever, Susan will bring you her signature brand of humor in discussing the moments in life that make you stop and go HUH?? Interviews with exciting guests, movie and book reviews along with your call-ins make each week a package you are going to want to open.

Thursday, 4/17
10:00am - 11:00am PT
10am Naturally Nancy
10:00am PT
Hosted by Nancy A Newman.
'Naturally Nancy' will focus on the mind-body-spirit connection to health and your experience of life through Louise Hay principles, law of attraction and toe reading. Nancy will also have a few shows on publishing and writing.

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Mark Husson (Host)

The Founder of the 12 line of websites, Mark has been a voice for the "New Age" community for over 25 years. Carving a niche for what has been an industry untrusted in the new age world. Telephone psychics found a new home to be proud of with the creation of 12Listen.com which expanded their talents to Radio and online instruction with the creation of 12Radio.com and 12Academy.com respectively. For current archives of 12ManyVoices please click here!
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