10:26pm PT
Thursday, 12/18
12:00 PM PT
SPECIAL 12Many Voices
Hosted by 12Many Voices.
Welcome to a Special Episode of 12Many Voices as Mark Husson hosts three incredible voices in the astrological World. John Joseph (astrologic@aol.com) , C.A. Brooks, Mo Abdelbaki and Aleta McClelland discuss Saturn - the past, present and future! Just in time for Saturn's visit into Sagittarius.

Friday, 12/19
12:00 AM PT
Encore Psychic Sisters
Hosted by The Psychic Sisters.
'The Psychic Sisters' is a fun and engaging show starring 4 talented sisters. We discuss the current energy, current events and share some of our own magical experiences. We are excited to visit with callers and chatters. Our goal has always been to make the world a better place by spreading love.

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