2:15am PT
Tuesday, 7/22
2:00am - 3:00am PT
2am Encore Heaven On Earth
2:00am PT
Hosted by Anu Shi Asta.
Embrace your dream life and tune in to Heaven on Earth Mondays 11am PST. This enchanting show focuses on lifting your soul's vibration and manifesting your dream life. Anu Shi Asta shares her wisdom and dynamic tools for manifesting dreams, attracting love, finding your true soul's agenda, connecting with Angels and much more. Often you can also enjoy a deep guided meditation that takes you to magnificent places. Sometimes you will be magnetizing dreams into reality, visiting the world of Angels or even a past life in Ancient Atlantis. Anu also brings guests to this show sharing their wisdom and insight. Special guests on Heaven on Earth include the Princess of Norway Märtha Louise, Christine Day, Diana Cooper and Stewart Pearce. Call Anu for on air readings: 218 862 7200 ext 870303. Visit Anu's website for more information: www.AnuShiAsta.com Sign up for Anu Shi Asta's Angel Light Newsletter and receive a free gift: http://forms.aweber.com/form/88/1304359388.htm

Tuesday, 7/22
3:00am - 4:00am PT
3am Encore Your Inspired Life
3:00am PT
Hosted by Tamara Childs.
When you think of living your inspired life, is your vision growing toward the light or withering on the vine? The universe is calling you to ask what it would take to bring this vision down to earth. Your life is an essential puzzle piece and your special purpose is needed. Your nature is to expand and grow beyond your limits. The universe is always whispering in your ear the "how." Each moment we have a choice to live our potential or stay stuck in fear patterns. Let your light come out and play! Just like the sun, it wants your life to bloom. This is a time of great change and celebration. Humanity is moving out of collective despair and realizing we have the power to design life as we choose.

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Jeryl (Host)

Each week on Mystical Moments, Jeryl will share her profound connections to the mystical realms of Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, the Pleiades, the Spirit Realms, and more to bring to experiences that will show just what it means to enjoy and embrace the many amazing mystical gifts that are available to each and everyone of us. You will hear from guests who have mystical minds and talents. She will discuss mystical moments such such as paranormal activities and UFO sightings. And, she will guide you on mystical journeys from sacred and power sites, to astrotravels and teleportations.
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