11:23am PT
Sunday, 4/20
11:00am - 12:00pm PT
11am Encore Breakfast with Erica
11:00am PT
Hosted by Erica.
Come have breakfast with 12Listen's favorite British show host!

Sunday, 4/20
12:00pm - 1:00pm PT
12pm Encore Susan Dintino
12:00pm PT
Hosted by Susan.
Florida? New York? Where IS Susan Dintino? Wherever, Susan will bring you her signature brand of humor in discussing the moments in life that make you stop and go HUH?? Interviews with exciting guests, movie and book reviews along with your call-ins make each week a package you are going to want to open.

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Jeryl (Host)

Each week on Mystical Moments, Jeryl will share her profound connections to the mystical realms of Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, the Pleiades, the Spirit Realms, and more to bring to experiences that will show just what it means to enjoy and embrace the many amazing mystical gifts that are available to each and everyone of us. You will hear from guests who have mystical minds and talents. She will discuss mystical moments such such as paranormal activities and UFO sightings. And, she will guide you on mystical journeys from sacred and power sites, to astrotravels and teleportations.
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