Tuesday, 12/12
09:00 PM PT
Encore Alive and Live with Lisa D
Hosted by Lisa D..

Share my Near Death Experience and my knowledge of the experience and death. Share information regarding Near Death studies and stories from others. Assist others with their questions regarding life after death, the other side, and dealing with death. Enforce your co-create and what you believe is what is. Your conscience is your guide.

Tuesday, 12/12
10:00 PM PT
Encore Kathleen Peterson & Friends
Hosted by Kathleen Peterson.
'Kathleen Peterson & Friends' is hosted by Kathleen Peterson. Kathleen will be channeling messages from the Angels & Other Light Beings as well as talking with friends in the physical. Call into the show and get personalized channeled reading.

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How to Banish Worry from your Life (On Demand)

Using Earth Element Secrets we can strengthen ourselves and stop worrying

Originally broadcast on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 1:00 PM (Pacific Time).

File:Click here to download
Duration:56 minutes
Hosted by: Robert Underwood LAc
Genre: Health and Spirituality

According to Chinese Medicine worrying comes from insufficient strength in the Earth Element, which is the Spleen and Stomach. Building on the theory that we should use the time of the year and the decisions we make each day to support our health, we explore several tools that can help boost our Earth Element and help us banish worry forever!