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Tuesday, 07/28
06:00 AM PT
Hosted by Kristi B News.
Highlighting the people and events of the 12Family including 12Listen.com, 12Radio.com, and 12Academy.com

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Tuesday, 07/28
07:00 AM PT
Hosted by Ade Anifowose.
'Soul Food For Your Consciousness' is just that – a place to be served spiritual food. A place for your consciousness to be fed with just what you need to navigate your day, weeks and life. This is the place to see that all you are going and growing through is all part of your soul expansion. This show will empower you to embrace life and really know that life is for you, not against you. I will be taking your calls and help you in getting to the heart of what really matters to you.

To talk to the host call:
857-232-0155   ext  870303

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