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Sunday, 03/01
08:00 PM PT
Hosted by Krystene Du Maurier.
Encore Presentation. Do you know how incredibly important your voice and self-expression is to this ever expanding world? Do you know that without YOU, there is no US? Big idea - Big Topic! Bring it on! Nothing is too complicated to unravel in Krystenes interactive intuitive world, and nothing scares her away from finding the through-line to help you step closer and closer to living your own unique and authentic soul-IN-spired life! After all, the collective WE needs YOU, so lets get busy and start the conversation with a lot of love, laughter and lightness in our BE-ing!

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Sunday, 03/01
09:00 PM PT
Hosted by Lizanne Flynn.
The Animal's iView with Lizanne Flynn is a hit radio show that illuminates the heart-centered bond of animal and human as souls destined to find each other in a lifetime. Lizanne will look into the mirror of life lessons for both animal and human, and will share the wise voices of our wild animal companions. It is an animal's unquestionable intuition that guides Lizanne, a world renowned animal communicator, in her work for both humans and animals. Lizanne will bring to you the understanding that all animals are light beings incarnated in our lives to help raise the vibrational level of this planet. They're ready, are you?

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857-232-0155   ext  870303

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