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Sunday, 08/30
05:00 PM PT
Hosted by Louie Otero.
The 'Healing Apprentice' show is about learning all the modalities and mastering techniques on connecting with angels. Louie will show you how to connect with them.

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Sunday, 08/30
06:00 PM PT
Hosted by Susan Dintino.
The sun sets, the sky darkens, the stars appear ushering in a magical time of day and The Night Shift with Susan Dintino is ready for anything and everything. Susan brings her special brand of humor, fascinating guests, edgy topics and just plain fun to The Night Shift. Intuitive insights will be shared, as Susan takes your calls and questions in the chatroom. Whether reflecting on the day’s events, looking for some exciting entertainment or getting ready for bed, The Night Shift will be the perfect way to end your day. So grab your comfy clothes, a relaxing seat, a favorite beverage and tune into the show where the only thing you will know for sure is that...Anything and Everything is Possible on The Night Shift.

To talk to the host call:
857-232-0155   ext  870303

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