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Tuesday, 04/23
12:00 PM PT
Hosted by Erin Carere.
Erin discusses spirituality and tools to live life just a little better than the day before!

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Tuesday, 04/23
01:00 PM PT
Hosted by Jay Varvel.

Welcome to "The Psychic Playground with Jay Varvel"! Step into the enchanting world of the metaphysical with your host, Jay Varvel. Join us as we journey through the mystical, the mysterious, and the magical. This isn't your typical news analysis; it's a playground of psychic exploration where we dive deep into the cosmic currents that shape our world.

Each week, Jay Varvel, a gifted psychic medium and spiritual advisor, uncovers the hidden layers of current events from a unique perspective. Through intuitive insights, empathic connections, and a dash of humor, Jay invites you to see beyond the headlines and discover the unseen energies at play.

"The Psychic Playground" is where intuition takes center stage. It's a place to explore the uncharted territories of consciousness, where everyday occurrences reveal profound spiritual truths. We'll laugh, we'll wonder, and we'll awaken to a new way of understanding the world around us.

So, whether you're a seasoned seeker or just curious about the mystical realms, join Jay Varvel for an exhilarating journey through "The Psychic Playground." Tune in and open your mind to the extraordinary. Your cosmic adventure begins here!

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