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Monday, 05/29
05:00 PM PT

Hi, I'm Laurie... Welcome to my show!

I'm here to help you live your life from a place of love instead of fear!

Calling upon my years of spiritual and metaphysical studies, as well as my own organic gifts, I use many different tools to help guide you towards the answers you seek.

It has been such a blessing to have spent the last few years studying in the world-renowned Spiritual Psychology program at the University of Santa Monica. The teachings have helped me immensely, and I would love to use what I have learned to help you.

I hope to take you higher, inspire you, give you food for thought, and help you live your best, most fulfilled life.

Let's all learn how to live more happily in the world as truly spiritual beings in physical form!

Sometimes there will be a specific topic, and other times we will go with the flow. You can ask questions, and we can chat about whatever feels present.

I'll have guests, take calls, and answer questions from the Facebook chat./p>

I can also be reached for private spiritual psychology counseling sessions through my Instagram page @laurie.the.love.sherpa

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Monday, 05/29
06:00 PM PT
Hosted by Raven McMinn.
Join Raven McMinn for Raven's Rabbit Hole! Follow her dives into places Academia & Mainstream Media fear to tread! Explore Magic, Metaphysics, UFO's, Bigfoot, Hidden History, Hauntings, Aliens, Conspiracies, and the Paranormal.

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