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Wednesday, 11/29
05:00 PM PT
Hosted by Ginger.

Welcome To Heart Matters, where we discuss things that matter and are important to us. Here we delve into all things metaphysical from a heart's perspective. Heart Matters is the bridge between the ethereal and the material.

It is like the spiritual Facebook with all your spiritual friends and angelic helpers without the gossip or drama. Heart Matters is a safe place to rest your mind and open your heart to the magic of possibilities!

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Wednesday, 11/29
06:00 PM PT
Hosted by Louie Otero.

Louie will be talking up Angels.

How to connect, how to ask for their guidance, how to know their presents.

He will be sharing stories from around the world where angels embrace everyone spirit and light. To know where they came from and how to be connected to them at all times.

If it's a live show, call in !

857-232-0155   ext  870303

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