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Elizabeth Lindsay is a creative soul with a knack for saying the most inappropriately appropriate things, and she is coming out of the spiritual closet, while loving the journey. As the creator of the Angel with An Edge™ movement, she has built a tribe of imperfect people who take life by the balls (in this case, a pair of wings) with no apologies. After losing the last of her family and recently embarking on a lifesaving surgery, she experienced the first of many miracles that motivated her to stop putting her life on hold and waiting to be perfect. Instead, she followed her heart. Elizabeth keeps the "real in the deal" while writing a book, launching Edgeisms –- daily inspirational sayings that cut out the crap -- as well as running her retail store in Denver, CO. As a jewelry designer for over 25 years, she is well-known for her personalized jewelry line Token Tags™, adored by celebrities to extraordinary human beings around the globe. Token Tags™ was created in honor of her Mother and Aunts who all battled breast cancer. Elizabeth was honored by RACE FOR THE CURE to make the Commemorative 10 year pin for Colorado. Through it all, she's learning to keeping her wings up, her shine on, and her heart open, while encouraging others to do the same -- one Angel with an Edge at a time! Because we are all on the edge of something...
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